All of those photos are shot on a Sony a7rII and ZEISS Loxia 21mm, 35mm & 50mm

Driving from Hamilton to Kawhia

As a born and bred Waikato kid, my beach of preference has always been Raglan. The laid-back atmosphere of the town and the wild, usually empty beaches provide an escape from the stresses of everyday life, and is only 35 minutes drive from Hamilton. But since we went to Raglan several times on our last trip (see here), I thought we could try a different West coast beach, and so we ended up at Kawhia. The road to Kawhia is a stunning combination of native forest and rolling hills with the coast on the horizon, and we stopped many times to admire the view.


Kawhia Ocean Beach

Like Raglan, the ocean beach at Kawhia has sooty black sand, caused by molten lava from the nearby volcanoes hitting the water and shattering into billions of fragments. It’s magnetic, so be careful of your cameras and phones! The rough black sand gives the beach a natural, untamed look; it’s a whole different experience to those pristine white powder beaches that are overcrowded with tourists baking in the sun.

The beach is also thermal, meaning that if you dig a hole in certain places, hot water bubbles up through the sand. We saw plenty of people digging their own hot tubs on the beach, but in the 30 degree heat we were more interested in cooling off in the waves instead.


Dinner in Kawhia

After a few hours exploring, we were getting hungry. For some reason, all of the places in Kawhia that sell fish and chips seemed to be closed. A friendly resident saw us wandering up and down and asked if we were looking for somewhere to eat. He pointed us to the Kawhia Hotel that does takeaway fish and chips that are “the best in town”. We ate them next to the wharf with the seagulls circling hungrily, a delicious end to a perfect day trip.


It's been nearly two years since I shot those photos but i still feel like they're worth showing. I shot them in New Zealand, in the area of Rotorua. It's a little town based on a big lake that we tried to drive around as far as possible (basically until we were in the middle of the woods and rising night got us a little scared). But Rotorua has more. It's got a Maori Village, wonderful landscapes and i really loved that awesome breakfast at the "Fat Dog".

After not really being able to shoot many photos during this year, i'm really looking forward to the beginning of next year. In the middle of January we'll be off to New Zealand again. This time for about 6 weeks and we've got many things planned so this will be the time for some new pictures!

 Lately when i come home, i'm always welcomed by the sound of a cello.









This is what the Fuji X100s is made for and what i bought it for! I left my big DSLR at home when i left the house to wander around with my girlfriend. The light was cool and the location was unexpected and also cool (and of course, there was this beautiful lady with me 😉 ). Good thing there was this small, lightweight, really powerful and useful tool in my pocket. ALWAYS! So i took out the camera and started playing around and snapping photos and stuff. It would have been a shame if didn’t have any camera with me at this moment. After testing it for a few weeks, i really got curious about the other, “big” Fuji cameras and lenses. I hope that I can maybe find a way to get my hands on them for testing purposes.











Finally some new photos from New Zealand! These beaches near Raglan were the first trip we did, on the second day already. It's on the west coast of New Zealand and you'll surely find some surfers in the photos of these massive waves. All these photos were taken on one of our last days because Tamsin had to go back to that place with me by sunset. But totally worth it! It got a little bit foggy from all the splashing water and the sand wich created perfect lightning conditions. It was really a nice and quiet place to take a little sunset walk.
















The original plan was to capture some mountains in the fog but we couldn't find the right place and there wasn't enough fog but my girlfriend and i found this awesome windpark near Stuttgart and so she had to model for me anyways! 🙂


















“60secondframes” is a series of very similar pictures, shot in a short period of time, usually around 60 seconds.

A very spontaneous photo-series. We drove in a car and i suddenly stopped on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere without saying a word. Cornelia gave a pretty scared look until i told her "the sunset is great, let's shoot some photos".


I don’t know how temperatures are at your place but here in Germany we have a really strange summer. It was pretty cold until June, then we had tons of rain and a flood over the half country, followed by some way too hot days and now we’re in a little summer-like phase with sun and nice temperatures. As I couldn’t really shoot many outdoor things till now, I try to catch the opportunities whenever the sun comes out to shoot or at least meet up with some friends and spend my time away from the computer, where I usually sit to edit photos and do the paperwork until 10 or 11pm. But anyways. This is a way better job than anything I did so far in my life…                  

I did an other fashion shooting for bags from Brutal Knack. You can get them here:

Thanks to Anastasia and Cornelia for modelling here!


It was about time that i shoot this beautiful girl again. This is not a classical portrait shooting, it's more like.... you know.

First half of the photos was processed with Silky Summer, second half with Cinema13 (both action are available for purchase under "Photoshop Packages")


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