Fuji x Nature x Tamsin

This is what the Fuji X100s is made for and what i bought it for! I left my big DSLR at home when i left the house to wander around…

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The Fujifilm X100s

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][vc_column_text] Why? Four years ago I bought my first big DSLR camera, and of course I was absolutely stoked with it; how professionally the camera works and what can…

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Redwood Forest, NZ

One of the most interesting places, i've been so far. A pretty big forest area with many, many, many very high trees. Kind of different then the ones we have…

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Only the winds

The original plan was to capture some mountains in the fog but we couldn't find the right place and there wasn't enough fog but my girlfriend and i found this…

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60secondframes – Cornelia

“60secondframes” is a series of very similar pictures, shot in a short period of time, usually around 60 seconds. A very spontaneous photo-series. We drove in a car and i…

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Herbs of south France

  Suddenly on the wedding day it started to rain and everyone tried to get the herbs safe. I walked into the room wehre they put them to and was…

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South France day 1

  Daniel and I traveled South France today to shoot a wedding on Saturday. We're living in a small village called "Bonas" between Toulouse and Bordeaux. This place is amazing.…

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The mellow summer

I don’t know how temperatures are at your place but here in Germany we have a really strange summer. It was pretty cold until June, then we had tons of…

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Bags by Brutal Knack

I did an other fashion shooting for bags from Brutal Knack. You can get them here: http://www.brutalknack.de/de/girlsaccessoires.html Thanks to Anastasia and Cornelia for modelling here!  

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  Only a few frame today. Met this model on a website for photographers and models. Thank you so much to Cornelia for the awesome support here (again).

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