Finally a man again in this series! Patrick contacted me by e-mail and asked me for a shooting. For sure i took the chance to get him into this project and moreover we had a great shooting in a hotel last sunday. I think, this will be the next series on the blog.

Maybe you recognized, that i already shot a series with Elena before. As it worked that well, I wanted to shoot her for this series too. For the second photo, we tried something with waving hair. This result was more an accident but we both loved it so much that I choose to use it.

An other tip from Nette this time, this is Katja, an old school-colleague of Nette. I have some more tips in the back-hand, should be enough for the next few weeks 😉

I guess you already know Anastasia, i photographed her over and over again and for sure she's part of this series that i'm continuing today. We also made a little behind-the-scenes video (Thank's to Bernhard Schinn!):


Though i don't see him very often the last months, Alex is still one of my most important friends. Moreover he is the best drummer, i've ever created music with, which makes him double important for me. We used to play in a band called "The Lotus Effect"

I met Jakob on a german model-website and knew from the first moment on, that i want him to be a part of this series. When i met him for the shooting, he was completely different than i expected (in a positive way). He is at the beginning of a model-careerd, doing photography jobs as well as acting jobs and i think he will be very successful in both. No matter when i took his photo, he always looked great. He's incredibly photogenic and is afraid of trying different expressions. That's why we immediately agreed to have some more shootings in the future.

Thanks to Nette, who is bringing me many great models these days. She also suggested Daniel for this series. I've never seen him before and not even a picture of him but when i met him for the first time, i immediately had the feeling, he would be a great fashion-model. And i love his expression on this 52people-shot. Just the way, you'd find it in a fashion-magazine, i'd say. 🙂

A short time ago i received a facebook message from Anita, asking me about a possible shooting so after a little chatting i realized, that she already had some pretty concrete and good ideas and when i looked at her Facebook-photos, i found it hard to surely say, what kind of person she is so i asked her for this 52people-shooting and was very amazed about how photogenic she is from different angles and with different poses. She did a very nice job 'though she said the her model-experience is close to nothing. Immediately we planned the upcoming Sunday for an outdoor shooting and i really hope for some sun after the last few very gray days.

Kristin had a shooting with Anastasia some time ago and that's where i saw her for the first time and thought to myself that she is a great model. Lucky as i am these days, she wrote me a Facebook-Message and asked for a shooting. I asked her to come over for a 52-people shot and to discuss a further shooting so in the near future you'll see some more photos of her.

Thanks to Nette i found Antonia. Nette was searching for some Models for me and Antonia was one of them. She really did a nice job as a model. She never before stood in front of a camera and that's pretty sad because she is very worth shooting. I think i'll make another shooting with her as soon as i will find some more time again. I'm especially flashed by the second one in black&white.


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