A short stay in Hamburg

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I stayed one night in Hamburg with my girlfriend last weekend and left the Mark 2 at home to only take a few snaps with the Fujifilm X100s. So all these shots are exclusively taken with this small camera. I’m still pretty impressed about what you can get out of it. Especially the night shots! I don’t think, the ISO-performance of the 5D Mark 2 is that good. I was on a pretty short timeframe so i didn’t see much and snapped a lot in the hotel – which was amazing by the way! It’s called “Hotel Volksschule” and apparently built into an old school building. It really has a very nice style with modern furniture inside of red brick walls.

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  1. Markus

    Nice! Is this the film simulation done inside the camera or did you use s.th. like VSCO in post to make it look analog?

    Thanks buddy

    1. Christopher

      Nope, this is all VSCO in Lightroom. I basically try to get the photos as “dry” as possible out of camera so i can do the grading later.

      1. Markus

        Thanks! Looks awesome. Have you ever tried the in camera analog filters? I guess it saves a lot of time if you get nice jpgs out of the camera that already have the “vsco-analog”-look. Not really for client work but nice vacation / travel / street shots i guess. Thinking about getting myself a xt1 for both paid and personal work.

        See ya!

        1. Christopher

          I tried the in-camera filters but wans’t really satisfied with it. It’s nothing compared to the VSCO filters.
          Yeah, the XT-1 is on my list too 😀

  2. Francesca

    Hi there! Just stumbled upon this blog post, I really appreciated it along with the review of the Fujifilm x100s. I trust your eye for photography and these pictures accurately show what the fujifilm x100s is capable of! I’ve been trying to find some skilled pictures taken with this camera just to see how much it can do and unfortunately only stumble upon a few every once in a while that are truly great while all the rest in the “Fujifilm x100s” Flickr groups are just your standard street snapshots that are so over-edited that they look like they were taken with just any old camera. Anyways, I’m really considering purchasing this camera and your posts have been really helpful.. too bad about the autofocus though as you mentioned in your review post. Well, thanks! 🙂

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