Opening the Sandbox Photoblog

Hello there!

So this is it, my first official blog. It’s true in fact i never had something like a blog or that.

This blog is some addition to the official website of my recording studio. We’re a sound- and artwork studio and because of that i thought it might be a good idea to make this blog as a part of the studio-website.

What you will find here are photographs that i take in my life. You will find here some more photos than on my Flickr or DeviantArt account so you won’t regret looking through this blog sometimes 😉

Please feel free to comment on the blogposts or contact me whenever you want!

Well, i think these words are enough for the beginning because i’ll post many more words in the future 😉

Have fun!


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  1. Bianca B.

    Dear Mr. Wesser,

    My name is Bianca B. and I just found your site on FB. I must say that your website is absolutely spiffy! Hope to see more pics in future and talk to you soon! 😉
    You’re very talented!


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