Prague day 1

The first weekend in March, I was visiting Prague together with Nette and Alex. I did many iPhone and Polaroid-shots but for sure I photographed with my DSLR too. So this is day one of our Prague-trip. We arrived at early afternoon and where surprised by the great quality of our hostel (The Dahlia Inn). As the weather was sending us much warmth and sun, we choose to take a walk around the town to check out some restaurants for dinner and breakfast on the next day.

Nette felt a little sick on the evening so she decided to stay at the hotel, while Alex and I where visiting a Tapas Bar called “Room” to eat some really good chicken breast and have a local beer. The lounge feeling at “Room” is really nicely executed and afterwards we visited the Charles bridge at night, which was a good decision because we didn’t have to deal with many tourists and the spot looks completely different and a little bit creepy at night. Definitely worth a visit.

iPhone Shots

Polaroids Part 1

Polaroids Part 2

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  1. Stefan

    really awesome photos 🙂 can you please post some before / after photos?

  2. Garishma

    Great pictures. .. Like all. 🙂 good work.

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