Sabina is the daughter of Stefanie, one of my colleagues from work. Stefanie bough a gift-card for a shooting as a birthday present for Sabina and we did this shooting at the end of 2012. Although she’s only 14 years old, i was extremely surprised about how amazingly photogenic and careless she acts in front of the camera. Seriously, it was simpler to get good results with her than with some models i worked with, that was really blowing my mind.

Nette gave me a little assistance during this shooting and she spoke out, what i thought all the time: “You should keep an eye on her, she might be great model for you in the near future”.

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  1. klein0r

    Wow super Fotos wieder einmal – die in S/W gefallen mir aber am besten!

    Geniales Design übrigens 😉

    1. Danke Dir 🙂 Ja, ich war selber überrascht, da ich ja eigentlich nicht so der S/W-Fan bin, aber die hier haben mich auch ziemlich geflasht.

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