I have to thank Stefan Muderack for meeting Anne. In about March 2012, Stefan released a very nice photo series with her in a german photography-forum which i really liked a lot. Somehow Anne and i got into contact via Facebook and we found out, that she loved my photos and i loved her as model. The only bad thing about all that was, that she was living in a City called Rostock, at the other end of Germany, 700km away. After a little bit more chatting, she told me, that she soon will visit her brother who lives only about one hour away from me so we grabbed the chance and met on a Saturday afternoon for a shooting, for creating some friendship and for realizing that there may follow some more shootings in the future, whether at her place or at mine…

PS: all these photos are processed with my “Silky Summer” Photoshop-Package.


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  1. Matthias

    Ein Traum! Tolle Serie! Besonders die auf der Brücke 😉

  2. Patrick

    Beautiful serie. Great light and processing!

  3. She is beautiful! and i love your post-processing on these, the colors look soooo beautiful:)

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