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A fashion-like Portrait-Series with Nette. We have planned this shot for very long but somehow we couldn’t realize it for about a half year because we where always out of time or weather was too bad.

Now finally a few days ago we made it and i went to a big park near my house with her. It’s one of biggest and most beautiful parks in my hometown but somehow i have never visited it before to shoot photos there. So i went there with Nette and one week again with an other model and this park really has enough nice places so i didn’t have to do the same things twice.

At the end of our shooting, i told Nette to step into a fountain and i was blown away when i saw how great she looks with wet hair! So our next shooting will be a rain shooting 🙂 Some of the photos in the fountain turned out with a false focus because we had heavy backlight. But i loved them anyways :).

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  1. Ben

    I’m always impressed by your hability to get so much light and to keep nice contrasts in the same time. Brilliant work, once again.

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