Levanto (The Tuscany Series)

Größere Kartenansicht

First of all: I know, Levanto isn’t really a part of the Tuscany but anyway i’m releasing it within this series because it’s been a station on our Tuscany-Trip.

The original plan for the last day was to visit the last village of the Cinque Terre but unfortunately time was too short and so we spent some time in Levanto, which is a really photogenic and typical italian city. I remember that there were many special bikes that captured and Daniel always said “Oh boy. You and your bikes…” 😀

Anyway, i think this is the best series of the Tuscany-Trip, i’m really proud of these photos. All of them are processed with my “Sundried Film” Photoshop-package. Seems to fit to urban shots very well 😀

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  1. Monique

    wunderbar und die Töne sind so stimmig auf allen Bildern!

    Danke fürs Teilhaben!


  2. Katja

    Grad erst entdeckt, aber schon verliebt. Die Fotos sind so wahnsinnig lichtsatt und appetitlich, da könnt ich in jedes versinken. Wenn ich groß bin, möchte ich auch mal so fotografieren wie du 😉

    1. Ach, dazu muss man gar nicht sonderlich groß sein, ich bin auch nur 1,75 😉

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